Signs That May Indicate Your Need for a Single Watch Winder
Signs That May Indicate Your Need for a Single Watch Winder

Signs That May Indicate Your Need for a Single Watch Winder

Watch winder is not for everyone. Depending on your attitude towards automatic watches, a single watch winder may be essential or trivial. You may consider watch winders trivial items if you don’t necessarily collect automatic mechanical watches. In addition, you may also consider it to be unnecessary if you have a small number of watches in your collection. However, if you show these behaviors, they may indicate your need for a watch winder.

Consider manual winding as a tedious task.

If you own an automatic mechanical watch, you must’ve understood that it needs to be wound anytime you want to wear it. If your watch has lost its power reserve, the only thing you can do to power it up is to manually wind the crown. In addition, you’ll also need to manually reset the date setting on your watch.

If you enjoy these activities, owning a watch winder may seem obsolete. But, if you consider manual winding a daunting task, having a single watch winder box is a good option. 

Enjoys wearing automatic watches but has minimal physical activity

The most automatic watch requires 600 to 700 rotations to keep them running for the whole day. If you do a lot of physical activities, such as exercising or other physically-requiring work, you’ll have no problem achieving those numbers. But, if your work revolves around sitting at your office desk and typing, you may be faced with a huge problem.

The watch winder’s primary function is to simulate human wrist movement to automatically wind a watch. Therefore, by having a single watch winder box on your tabletop, you can just leave your watch on it and don’t have to worry about the daily rotation requirement.

Have a huge number of watches

Having two or three automatic watches is still manageable. You can still manually wound each of them every morning before you wear them for the day. But, the same thing cannot be said if you have up to 20 watches in your collection. Unless you have all the times you need, managing all of those watches can be disastrous.

Luckily, an automatic watch winder box can eliminate all of the problems of your huge watch collection. Its automatic rotation provides convenience for watch owners who like to swap watches for different occasions. On top of that, a watch winder can be an excellent way to display your watch collection. So, consider getting a single watch winder to ease your watch collecting needs.

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