For the Love of Running


Last August, I signed up for my very first 100 mile ultramarathon.  I signed up to run in a place that I thought was spectacularly beautiful, on a course that I knew would challenge me (if 100 miles weren’t enough of a challenge…). I signed up because I was eager to challenge myself in new […]

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Patagonia – Logistics


Well, I’ve officially been back in the country a month, so I guess it’s about time I had some Patagonia recaps on here, huh? I’ll blame taking so long on the fact that as soon as I landed, I had a final interview for a job, was offered said job, and then promptly decided to […]

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April Recap


I suppose I really should have titled this my February-April update, since I haven’t done one since January, but that wouldn’t look as aesthetically pleasing, so there ya go. I promised to start giving you more detailed monthly training recaps when my ultra training for summer races really ramped up. In reality, training, at least […]

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