What The River Says


  I’ve tried multiple times already to put my experience this past week into words, but every time they have failed to capture the true essence of what it was.  So until then, I just want to share just a tiny bit of the beauty and wonder that is the Green River through the Lodore […]

Liebster Awards – 2014 Edition

world cup ending

While I’m off the grid on the river, I thought it was finally a good time to do the Liebster Awards and share some random facts about myself! Kristin at Defy Your Limitations, Sophie at Life’s Philosophie and David at Captain Speedypants nominated me for a Liebster ages ago, but I do always love these […]



I have been waiting for July all freaking year. July represents my annual pilgrimmage back to my wonderful home state of Colorado and weeks filled of adventures and mountains. This year’s going to be even more epic than last year and if I survive with both legs still wanting to be attached to my body, […]

Pacers Freedom Four Miler

Freedom 4 Miler 2

*If you haven’t entered my giveaway for a free juice cleanse from South Block Juice Co., be sure to do it before Wednesday, July 9th!!* I heard about the Freedom Four Miler from Sophie ages ago, but when I found out how close it was to our new apartment, I knew I had to sign […]

Cleaning Up My Act – GIVEAWAY!


So here’s the thing about training for endurance races…you get hungry. So incredibly hungry. All the freaking time. Zach and I generally eat really healthy. We don’t eat processed foods and tend to stick to brown rice and quinoa over pasta and our fridge is filled with fresh fruits and veggies. Don’t get me wrong, […]


photo 4

I had no idea what my body would feel like in the days after my first 50 miler. Based on the lackluster training I had in my last two months, I wasn’t entirely optimistic that it was going to be a comfortable experience. With that in mind, I decided the rest of June would just […]

Lessons Learned from 50 Miles

North Face Endurance Challenge DC 3

The North Face Endurance Challenge Series is the opposite of most ultras. It’s a HUGE series – there are 6 races throughout the U.S, it’s expensive, and there are a LOT of runners (450 50 milers, 500 50kers and 400 marathon/relay runners all on the same day). That being said, it’s a race I keep […]

North Face Endurance Challenge DC 50 Mile Race Report

photo 1 (2)

  Well, in case you missed it, I ran 50 miles on Saturday. When I started to write everything down, a novel started spilling out. And while I want to do a proper race report on the course, and awesome volunteers, great race experience I had, I also want to say so much more. This […]

I did it!

North Face 50 Miler Finish

I survived 50+ miles at the North Face Endurance Challenge DC. I’ll be back later in the week with a full recap!



Wow…time really flies, huh?  I realize now it’s been over a month since I last posted and SO much has happened.  Somehow, my 50 mile race is THIS WEEKEND. How did that sneak up so quickly?!?! At some point I’m still hoping to update my training page (though not do separate posts on every week), […]

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