The Sufferfest?


Two weeks ago, Heidi proposed that we partake in a sufferfest. Her reasoning was that we are about to spend about 10 days ¬†backpacking, hiking, running, eating, sleeping, and probably being miserable together. While we’ve gone on many adventures, neither one of us has really gotten to the point of “if you say one more […]

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The Girl Who Goes Alone


I did something this weekend that I have never done before – I went camping, alone.¬† I guess that shouldn’t sound so profound, but for me it kind of was. I’ve never even really gone hiking alone before. I used to think it was because I didn’t want to be lonely, because, really, how fun […]

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Finding Winter


You’d think that the term “finding winter” would be a joke in Colorado, but in reality the Front Range has been spoiled by above-average temperatures this season (sometimes in the 70s!). A lot of my weekdays have been spent going on trail runs in shorts and tank tops, which you won’t (usually) find me complaining […]

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