Through the Gates of Lodore

Gates of Lodore 16

A little over a year ago, I flew back to Colorado with the intentions of going on a week-long adventure down the Green River. The weather had other plans, and the rain relentlessly hammered the mountains, causing rivers to rage through anything in their paths. So instead of spending a week kayaking, I spent a […]

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A Change of Pace


It’s been nearly two years since my running has taken any form of structured speed work. From time to time I’d throw in a tempo run, but that was usually an “I ran fast on accident, so I guess I’ll call it a tempo run” kind of thing. I’ve also knocked out the occasional hill […]

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Two Weeks and Ten Months


It’s been two weeks since I made what is, without a doubt, the most terrifying and most exciting decision of my life. I’m not really sure what possessed me to sign up for that race on that particular day. I truly haven’t been thinking about signing up for a 100 mile race anytime soon. In […]

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