Live the Adventure


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t glad that 2014 was over. As the clock ticked down and the ball dropped, instead of thinking of all of the incredible things that 2015 could have in store for me, all I could do was hold my breath.

For so long my life had been “deep breath in, deep breath out.” So as the clock hit zero, while everyone around me cheered and celebrated, I let out the last of 2014 that was inside me and breathed in all that 2015 could be.


And in reality, 2015 can be anything for me.

It can, and will be, filled with new places, new friends, new jobs, new dreams, and new adventures.


Every year on New Year’s Day since I’ve been a little kid, I’ve sat down with a pad of paper and written down all of my goals for the year. It’s a family tradition and I love the process of thinking about what the year can hold for me.


But this year, I decided not to do it. I have no idea what the year has in store for me and, honestly, I have no idea what I want from the year. I’m in an incredibly new situation, one filled with both intoxicating excitement and sometimes debilitating fear. But you know what I’ve realized? That’s kind of what an adventure is like, right?


When you’re setting off to do something you’ve never done before, you get this rush of excitement for what’s in store for you. Places you’ve never been, people you’ve never met, things you’ve never done.

But there’s also an unknown. A little tiny part of you wonders that, if when you step off that bridge, the rope tied to your feet is really going to spring you back up. When you set out, you don’t know if your adventure is going to lead to something incredible or an absolute disaster – that’s what makes it an adventure.

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PC: Heidi

That’s what I feel like my life is like right now – full of endless unknown adventures.

Some of them will be absolutely incredible, and some of them might end with a crash and burn, but they will all be adventures worth taking.


So for this year, instead of making goals and lists and resolutions, I’ve decided to create a mantra. One that can get me through the year, sometimes one breath at a time, others one giant leap at a time…

Live the adventure.


Take it in. Soak it up. Try new things. Crash and burn.

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  1. That’s probably the best mantra I have ever heard. I’m sure 2015 holds amazing things in store for you!

    I was just telling J the other day that after this marathon, I’m declaring this summer the Summer of Fun, so maybe that can overlap with your adventures sometimes!

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